Importing user interface text into MadCap Flare

This week’s blog post isn’t actually hosted here on my own website. Rather, it’s a guest post over on the MadBlog, the blog run by MadCap Software, the creators of MadCap Flare.

If you’re a technical author or interested in software documentation, then this one’s for you!

If you’re not a technical author or interested in software documentation… well, please go ahead and skip to the other news section below! 😉

My article describes how I created an automated process to import user interface text from the software that I was documenting into MadCap Flare as a variable set.

The biggest benefit? Whenever user interface labels were updated in the software that I was documenting, I simply ran my import again to automatically update my documentation.

You can read the full post over on the MadBlog.

In other news

In my last blog post, I reviewed Plottr, the app that makes it easy to outline a novel.

I said that I “highly recommend Plottr to other writers” and that it’s “worth every penny that I paid for it”.

Despite this, I was reasonably critical about the Android app, which I quite frankly didn’t think should have been released in its current state.

Anyway, during the recent Cyber Monday sale, I upgraded my annual support licence for Plottr to a lifetime licence, meaning I’ll get software updates for as long as Plottr remains supported (which I hope is a very long time!).

I just wanted to offer this little nugget of information as I thought it might add some additional perspective to my review. Despite all I said about the current state of the Android app, I really do think the Windows app is great – so great that I was quite happy to throw some extra money at the developers! 😁

Image credit (background): Casey Horner on Unsplash
Image credit (computer): Mudassar Iqbal on Pixabay