Privacy policy

This page explains what data is collected when you use and how it is used.

Contact form

If you choose to contact me using the form on my Contact page, you will be asked to provide your name and email address. The only purpose for which I will use this information is to reply to you.

My contact form is powered by When you submit the contact form, I will receive an automated email with your name, your email address and your message.

In addition, will store your name, email address and message for 30 days. provides me with an online account that lets me view all contact form submissions for the last 30 days.

Google Analytics

Like many websites, this website uses Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a tool that helps me to understand how visitors use the site. For example, if I see that a particular blog post is very popular, I’ll probably try to write more of that type of content.

My Google Analytics setup does not store any personally identifiable information. I have also configured my Google Analytics account to be accessible only to me. Google staff cannot access the information, not even for purposes such as technical support.

For Google Analytics to work, when you visit, your browser automatically sends certain information to Google. This includes your IP address, although once Google receives this, Google anonymises it.

Google Analytics requires the use of cookies. Cookies are simple text files that are downloaded to your device. When you navigate around, cookies may be saved to your device, and cookies that have already been saved to your device may be read.

While it helps me out if you allow these cookies (because otherwise I feel a bit like I’m writing into a void, with no idea whether people are visiting my website or reading my blog posts), you can disable these cookies if you wish. They are not required for this website to work.

For details of the cookies used by Google Analytics, see Cookies below. You may also like to read Google's own explanation of how they use your information.


Some pages of this website included “embedded” YouTube videos. In other words, these videos are not hosted on – they are hosted on YouTube – but you can watch the videos directly from this website.

YouTube (owned by Google) performs tracking on web pages that include embedded YouTube videos, in much the same way that they track visitors to

You may like to read Google's own explanation of how they use your information (note that this is the same page that I’ve linked to above, in the Google Analytics section).

Although this website use’s YouTube’s “privacy-enhanced mode” (, YouTube still performs some tracking, and this may be done using local storage rather than cookies.

If you do not consent to this, then you can disable cookies on This will prevent embedded YouTube videos from loading.


When you first visit, you’ll be asked to accept or reject cookies. You can change your mind at any time by using the “Cookies” link in the footer. You can also update your preferences, and find out more about the cookies that are used, below.

Note: By consenting to cookies on, you’re also consenting to tracking by YouTube on pages of this site that contain embedded YouTube videos. For more information, see YouTube above.

Other websites contains links to other websites. Please note that this privacy policy only applies to this website. If you follow a link to another website, then please read the privacy policy of that website.

Changes to this privacy policy

Any updates to this privacy policy will be made on this web page. This privacy policy was last updated on 30 October 2020.